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Monday, May 6, 2013

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel In A Kayak and Travel in Halong Bay, Vietnam.

Kayaking is not just one of the most adrenaline-pumping sports, but it is also a way to greet the natural beauty and exult on the sea and rivers. Traveling to nearby places using a travel kayak can serve you multiple purposes. It can drop you to your desired destination, and it can also give you that much-needed thrill and revelry.

Here are some top reasons why you should travel in a kayak:

i. Exciting: If your life is short on excitement, then you can try this method of traveling and see your hormones flowing heavily. With kayaking in your schedule, you would find new vigor in your boring life and would be able to work with some added energy.

ii. Affordable: Travel kayak is very affordable and can be bought without making any major investment. They come in different sizes and if you need a single or double person one, then you can get them at just a small budget. 

iii. Observing the sea life: While traveling with kayak, you can observe the sea or river life and learn a lot about ecology. You are bound to zip through some really rhapsodic and photogenic corners where your heart would skip a beat in exhilaration.

iv. Easy to handle: Most kayaks which are manufactured these days are very easy to handle and offer complete convenience. Being light and user-friendly, they make for perfect allies during such adventurous journeys. 

v. Rediscovering the zest of life: If your spirits are sagging and your morale is going down, then you can rediscover that lost zest by trying this adventure sport. With travel kayak, you are bound to get goose bumps all over your body. 

So where can you travel kayak in another country, such as Vietnam. We recommend you a great and suitable destination for kayak: Halong Bay_one of New Seven Wonders of the World. Halong Bay is famous for its natural beauty and thousands of limestone islands and islets. When you are on board, you admire the majestic beauty of the Bay but when you GET closer to the limestone islands, discover the beauty yourself, you admire its nature. But… how to get closer? The best way is joining kayaking activity .

Some images about kayaking activities in Halong Bay we guess you'll enjoy it:

Many kayaks for rent

Kayaking in Halong Bay

Kayaking in floating village
Kayak in Lan Ha Bay
ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA provides you with high quality traditional sea kayaks and equipment, delightful meals, kayak technique instruction, and an overall ecstatic time in paradise.

If you would like to know more,  you can visit: http://www.activetravel.asia/ata_adventure/kayaking/

Have a good journey!


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