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Monday, October 8, 2012

Why is travel good for children?

A family holiday can be a great opportunity as a parent to kick back or rekindle your own sense of adventure, but there are several ways in which our kids can really benefit from a great family holiday too which shouldn't be overlooked.

Not only will it allow them to experience different ways of life, it can also provide them with a valuable learning experience, hopefully enabling them grow up well rounded and tolerant. And the great thing is they won't even realise just how much their little brains are soaking up, all without a book or class-room in sight! Below are some examples as to how different holidays benefit the children...

Really active
Going on an active holiday can really give your kids newly-gained confidence when pushing their boundaries in for example activities, plus not to forget the stories to tell their friends back at home!
Seeing you mucking in as a parent might also make them see mum and/or dad in a different light, developing some new-found (albeit probably unexpressed) respect. Dealing with different and out of the ordinary situations outside their comfort zone can bring everyone in the family closer together. There are various ways in which to have a responsible and active family holiday, our main categories are http://www.activetravelvietnam.com/tour.php?op=detail&tourId=27

Educational and cultural
Any holiday can be an educational experience whether they get up-close to new scenery, ancient artefacts, wildlife or even the nearest beach. Meanwhile, adapting to new situations and different ways of doing things can really broaden your kids' horizons. This is learning at its best - to see and live in wonderful landscapes, meeting some extraordinary people. Responsible holidays usually use local guides which will give you and your children an opportunity to get to know and understand local cultures and customs.

Going on safari or simply enjoying the local wildlife can teach children an appreciation of our natural world and its inhabitants; values they'll hopefully keep with them when they grow up. It can also give them an understanding how the world works ranging from ecosystems to the food chain. And who knows, there might be a budding David Attenborough in there somewhere!

Tailormade and individual
Ideal for families who prefer to travel with just their family and having their itinerary adapted to their specific wishes.
The advantages are that you and your kids will have the guides and staff's full and often undivided attention, allowing your kids to get to know them and ask them any questions. If you don't need a tailormade itinerary but still prefer to travel with just your own family, you can go on an individual family adventure. Or why not stay at a family friendly accommodation and devise your own itinerary, based on your and your children's interests and preferences?
Holidays by type of family
Going on a holiday for specific families or ages gives you the opportunity to meet other families and kids in the same situation. The benefit of travelling with families with similar age children and set up is that both parents and kids can meet like-minded travellers, and your kids can make some great new friends. For example a holiday for teenagers allows your child to spend time with kids his/her own age rather than getting bored hanging out with just adults!
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