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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sapa tourists walk on the clouds, Vietnam

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Tourists visiting Sa Pa this weekend will have the chance to learn about local ethnic people's courtship and marital life, through the Sa Pa love market and kidnapping wife ceremony of the Mong group.

The ceremony will begin this Saturday and is part of a five-day festival, titled Festival on the Cloud, to mark the beginning of the Sa Pa 2006 tourism year, in the northern mountain township of Sa Pa, in Lao Cai Province.
Held by the Sa Pa Trade and Tourism Department (STTD), the Festival on the Cloud will also feature photo exhibitions to showcase the most impressive pictures of Sa Pa from both today and the past. The Festival will also sell a variety of orchids that originated in the Hoang Lien National Park.
Climbing up Ham Rong Mountain visitors will enjoy singing and dancing performances by five ethnic groups including the Mong, Dao, Tay, Giay and Xa Pho.
The ethnic groups are scheduled to compete in traditional sports, for instance tug of war, walking on stills and archery.
Sa Pa, which is 400km north-west of Hanoi, is now one of the most popular destinations in the country.

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