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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ha Long Bay: the heavenly castles on earth with Victory Cruises

Ha Long Bay: the heavenly castles on earth

Halong Bay is the jewel in the crown of Vietnam cruise travel destinations. Located 165km (102 miles) East of Vietnam's capital Hanoi, the 150,000 ha (370,658 acre) Halong Bay lies on Vietnam's Northeastern coast in the Gulf of Tonkin. Not only are Halong Bay's approximately 1,600 limestone islands and statuesque pillar islets and outcrops breathtakingly beautiful, the bay is deeply entrenched in Vietnam's history and mythology, and the folklore of the surrounding regions.

The Sino-Vietnamese "Ha Long" literally translates as "Descending Dragon". The true origins of the name are shrouded in mystery. Some say the name comes from a traditional Vietnamese legend; others say that the bay was given the name by the French during their colonial rule of Vietnam. Whatever the truth, there is no disputing Ha Long Bay's unique beauty. The World Heritage Foundation even says "Apart from Halong Bay, there are no equivalent sites on the World Heritage List …".

The Halong Bay World Heritage site is universally recognized worldwide for the value of its exceptional geology and distinctive biodiversity. The captivating seascape vistas, tranquil azure waters, diverse marine life and the rich culture of the local people only add to the charm and enchantment of cruising Halong Bay.
Halong Bay cruises have been a Vietnamese favorite for centuries. The restful waters, expansive skies, abundant aquatic life and the serenely majestic outcrops, islands and islets captivate all who experience them.

One of famous luxury brand name, Victory Star Cruises are now cruising on Halong Bay.

Vote for Halong Bay to be one of the New 7Wonders of Nature. Supported by Victory Cruises - Halon Bay, Active Travel Vietnam & Active Travel Shop


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